I don’t have anything inspiring to write to you today. Just a song that came across my path and some rambling about expecatations for a life.

As of tomorrow I have exactly three weeks left here in Kingston, Jamaica. The time seems to be creeping by now. At one time this was the place of liberty, freedom, and escape from what I saw as the regular life of 9 to 5s in North America.

But here I am, sitting at a desk 9 to 5 dreaming of a Canadian summer with lakes and bonfires. I don’t think it’s about where you go in this world, because we’re all just doing the same thing. A desk job here is the same as a desk job there. The globalized world is working very hard to make this true.

If you want to break this cycle you can’t keep doing the same thing. Looking at similar but, you convince yourself, different jobs. You have to re envision your idea of success and get at what fulfills you. For some working a job, buying a house, and getting married are all accomplishments. For me, that will never be fulfilling.

I want to work because it is accomplishing, or creating, something I believe in… not a task being done because I need the money (like we all got’ta live, but I mean the work should be using my time to do something worthwhile). Too many of us work to feed a system of creating  and selling products and services, that we then buy with the money we make at the job we hate that exists because we are participating in the cycle. Why do we keep doing this?

I want to live somewhere because it is beautiful to me, not because I can afford it, or it’s close to my job. The job that I have to work because I have to pay for the house in an unending cycle of stress.

I want to love someone because they want to be with me, share a life with me, and I don’t need a piece of paper to prove that. Nor do I need the stress of the legal spider web around ripping up that piece of paper if it turns out we’re human and life legally bound together doesn’t work anymore.

You may think that that’s not doable, it’s unrealistic, or crazy talk, but I think that it’s very possible.  But, it’s more than living outside of the box, you have to reinvent the box.. which means ditching the comforts and lifestyle of suburbia. This admittedly could be hard for me, hard for anyone. I’m not sure where I’m going with this…

But hey,

Back on track. Having every weekend be a two-day getaway in Jamaica has been spectacular. Working and traveling is a wonderful way to see the world… but don’t mistake this for the same care-free style of backpack traveling. When things are hard you must stay. When your tired and grumpy you must go to work. When you want to be carefree there are responsibilities you must see through, and maybe this is good for us.

Through it all, I am enjoying meeting people in the beautiful flow and flux. Some that are here to stay and some that are on their way soon, just like myself.

I do know leaving here, there are things that I value that I cannot find anywhere else in the world. I really do think that whatever you’re doing, sharing it with someone makes it all the better.

And so, there’s your dietary cheese requirement for the day… hope you enjoyed!

Here’s the song that has been rattling in my brain for the past few days:


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