The forever summer,
as experienced by a small island in the turquoise ocean with palms swaying in the sky
is a destination for our day dreams.

When you are landing on the tarmac and taking off next week, this is a welcome break from the ever changing seasons of your home. You can guarantee that the relentless heat will hold for your stay and that is why you have come here.
For those living here, the pitiless sun shines on our backs the whole day through,
the air pools thick in our homes causing a restlessness that bathes us in our own salt waters. The merciless damp sits in our lungs constricting our thoughts to ill-tempered irritation that lashes out at the smallest passing fly.

I rejoice in the grey skies today on the first day of summer. I cherish the rain drops, and turn my face to the wind. It is home, a reminder that in the ocean’s eyes we are ants on a small rock that the storm could consume in the night. Those who are unfamiliar with this weather hide in their homes, waiting for its erratic, unsettling, dance to settle into the steady rhythm, the familiar ache of the heat.

I relish in my freedom to walk the streets, weight lifted from my daily march. The men who lean against the fence posts in the heat of the day, scratching their virility, leering with hunger at the passing feminine figures are not to be found today. Pretty girls in summer dresses do not come out in the rain.

The sun seeks out our presence and demands we acknowledge its power in this world. The storm is much less concerned with the presence of life in this place. It passes with a shrug, leaving us to our hovels and holes. I am free to feel each rain drop, leap through the gathering pools, and sing in the empty streets. This calm grey sky asks nothing of me.




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