Crumpled sheets, tumbling from your bed to your next appointment with madness,
wild haired and bright eyed. You are chaotic. You are beautiful. Passion always is.

You dream of the far off glen, glistening gems in the soft light of the rising sun.The cathedral ceiling of the ancestral oaks.The concerto of the dawn birds,
these are all the riches you need.

Lay your compass on the tides, choose without justification.

Kiss with a mouth that tingles with spices. Leave them with hunger sustained after the appetite is satiated. You will never let the lips of your beloved starve for you.
You are young and restless, time a feather weight.

Make space to breathe, wild heart.

Dance with the daffodils. Flirt with the fireflies.
Only the setting sun and rolling hills to keep your time.
Lay on the cool grass, fingers entwined, and watch the stars blaze their path across an inky sky. Memorize the crests and troughs of their breathing,
exploring the delights of your skin electrified.

Bursting with the truth, cradled in your mouth. Your words are enchantments that weave mystery into life.

Your intensity looms like the mountain, you stand in cold pride. Let the wandering soul who dares scale your hazardous shelves share your glory. Do not let your mercurial weather throw them off. Cherish them in their own intensity.

When the wind threatens to capsize, know you have shelter. Harbour your ship in hands that hold you. Take comfort in the warmth of porcelain, the stillness of morning, the familiar path. Do not stay the season, your anchor made of sugar, you remain grasping like a moth for the moon.

Wild heart, the unknown is calling you to dive the depths. Love or let go.

Chase the rising sun and risk it all,
to leave this world having sought to know rather than to wonder.


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